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360degreestudio provides a creative space for film makers, broadcast, commercials, and independent film makers, streamlined post production services including Digital Cinema, Digital Intermediate (2K/4K/Red/All HD Digital Formats) Grading and Finishing.

As an all inclusive boutique post house, we have invested in state-of-the-art technology, equipment, techniques and workflow with a professional and talented people for the creation and delivery of high quality media content.

DI (2K/4K/Red/All HD Digital Formats)

Film Recording


360DegreeStudio is specialized in High-Definition Video Editing for Feature films, Ad Films, TV Shows, Short Films, Corporate and Event Videos. Our high end Offline FCP, Avid and Online SMOKE can edit and finish 2K /720/1080p HD/ XDCAM/ HDV/ and DV Videos in Native format .

System configuration
MAC Pro 8 Core
2x2.4 GHZ
Memory 14GB RAM
Internal Storage 4TB


Provides post-production, visual effects and CGI creative services for Feature Films, TV Commercials, Reality Shows, Branding and Design, On-Air Promo services.

360DegreeStudio is organized around a highly experienced creative team, using traditional software as well as products developed in-house.

VFX has enjoyed consistent growth by mastering new tools and applying innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition. People remain the most important element of the company's success, however, with its artists, animators, supervisors, programmers and producers forming a solid team of expert professionals.

We like delivering CGI that blends into the narrative style of your show; pre-visualizing it beforehand to de-risk your investment; and being on shoots to bridge pre & post. Whatever you hire us for, you will find our grounding in digital filmmaking an asset.


We have a 96 inch screen running Full HD video from our Protools10 HD Native and rooms are equipped with the latest high end digital audio workstation, Genelec, Quested and Focal speaker systems, Full video monitoring, Phone patch System.

Sound editorial and design is the process of identifying and creating the sounds that will comprise the soundtrack for your project. Many creators believe they have finished the picture editing process with a pretty good track, but there is usually room for improvement.

We completely rebuild your dialog from dailies. We create and edit sound effects to give your track, texture and depth. The result is a final mix process that is creative and exciting. You'll love the end result, but enjoy getting there even more.

Pro Tools
Voice over with picture
Voice over without picture
Surround Sound 5.1


Reality untold
We provide photographic solutions to suit your specific requirements. Our methodology involves the creation of fresh means to convey your message. We pursue an approach of flexibility coupled with style because we understand the need for you to present yourself distinctly.

Broncolor Lights for Hire
* Verso A2 RFS 100-240V(1200j), w/antenna.Cable.SN:I 080374-1
* Power Dock for Verso A2/A4, w/power & charging cable SN:K081067-2
* Pulso G Lamp-Head, 3200j, 230V complete. w/3200j flash-tube, modelling lamp, protecting glass, transparent protection cap.3.1,SN:K109515; 3.2 SN:K109516-2
* Para 170 F/B w/matt protecting-glass-1
* Canon 1DS MARK III
* Canon telephoto zoom lens EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 L USM
* Canon EF-s lens EF-s 17-40 mm f/4 IS USMz

Studio also available
Size: 20 Feet x 24 Feet


We help you map your brand in its journey to reach out to the consumers with our effective communication. We offer a complete suit of branding and communications offerings - branding and identity, advertising, design and media buying services across a variety of platforms both traditional and emerging. Sail with us to explore the world of advertising beyond it realms...



360 Degree Studios is a world-class post production boutique that also doubles up as a media entertainment and creative services company. Our post production services include Digital Intermediate (2K/4K/Red/All HD Digital Formats), grading and finishing, editing, visual effects, sound design and sound-mixing. With latest technology, equipment and techniques in place, 360 Degree Studios also has a strong set of talented professionals who are experienced in creating and delivering high quality media content. .


A movie-maker should be left to concentrate on what he does best – storytelling. He/ She should be freed from unnecessary production worries. Sadly, film production is no easy joke and a million issues keep cropping up. And this is where we come in.

Let 360 Degree Studio manage your entire production needs while you sit back and focus on your masterpiece. Our team of experienced individuals will put together all your requirements and manage your film and unit the best way.

The Complete Package:

Preproduction: An intriguing idea is the essence of a script. And a script in turn is the pulse of a movie. During the pre-production stages, concepts and scripts need to be developed and written in such a way that the movie-making process is further simplified. Our team of dedicated ideators and experts will assist you in all your pre-production needs.

Production: The most important aspect of filmmaking, is the actual shooting itself. During this time, you will have to focus on every minute detail and cater to every single need. From providing good equipment to managing logistics, from arranging film units to supervising set activities, we take care of all your requirements in the most professional way. With us, it’s time for Lights, Camera and Action sans all the worries.

Postproduction: The postproduction process is as important as the production itself. It is here that the movie is sewn together and shaped into an exciting film. Our strong team of editors will help you bring out the best of all your shots. We also offer consultation when it comes to choosing post-production techniques and effects.

Film promotion: Our film marketing division offers you state-of- the-art facilities to market your film. When a new film is made, it has to be advertised like any other new product, to let people know it exists and to encourage them to go to the theaters to see it. We market films and plan promotional campaigns for your projectand create a great buzz around your film.